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The Big Think Story So Far...

Big Think was founded in 2011 by Tony Clark & Garry Allan, and has continually evolved ever since, ensuring the changing needs of our clients, and the technology changes in the market are always reflected.  

With over 40 years in marketing, Garry has managed worldwide brand campaigns, and owned a 100+ person advertising agency, working alongside Tony for a number of years before they sought to create an agency that was nimble, agile and creative and to ensure they never once dreaded a day in the office.

Tony oversees our digital arm of the business, particularly across software & website builds; leading from the front with a deep understanding of our technology stack; and project managing websites from discovery to deployment. 

Joining in 2021 as Big Think turned 10 years old, Steph’s working relationship with both Tony & Garry began in 2004. Steph's experience in both digital and full-service agencies has helped us bolster our offering in marketing services and media buying; and all three directors are now fully focused on growth of the Big Think name, reputation, results and team; bringing on board a team of experts, and working with chosen freelancers where relevant, to ensure we wrap the right members around every brief.

Big Think in 2021 is something we are so proud of. We are working with clients who appreciate our work and our expertise, have a team in the business who are helping to step up our game each and every day and we continue to be as agile and creative as we were in 2011.

Garry 7Bcdae (1) Garry Fd7c7b (1)

I’ve been in marketing for 40+ years with the battle scars and highlights to prove it. One very eventful shoot with Spike Milligan is a good example of both.

Garry Allan

Managing Director

Tony New 78B6da (1) Tony New Fbb45d (1)

20 years in marketing has moved fast, now I’ve cut my teeth and lived a bit, my ambition levels have really cranked up. A love of random ideas, interesting people & out and out fun keeps me moving forward!  

Tony Clark


Steph Cde38c Steph E8a5c1

Part Golden Girl, part still think I am young enough to go out-out. Lover of Swedish pop, sequins, z-list celebs & California. Been in marketing for 18 years and it still keeps me on my toes!

Stephanie Lindsay


Cat E8a5c1 Cat Cde38c

I’m all things marketing & have a particular passion for creative content, and a *healthy* obsession with social. Known for being the most clumsy, injury-prone, allergic in the office.

Catriona Wellwood

Digital Content & Social Manager

Gillian Fbb45d Gillian 78B6da

Plan & book all media for clients in music, leisure and health.  Love stripes, musicals and drag race podcasts & moonlighting as a baker.

Gillian Chambers

Paid Media Manager

Fabiano Fd7c7b Fabiano 7Bcdae

Looks after a wide range of projects from scoping, through development to deployment. When not busy programming, I spend time talking about football & teaching Italian hand gestures.

Fabiano Agosti

Lead Developer

Aimee 7Bcdae Aimee Fd7c7b

Avid gamer & internet enthusiast, you will either find me on my PC playing games or in front of the tv re-watching Grey's Anatomy

Aimee Redmond


Scott 78B6da Scott Fbb45d

I cover everything from branding to social assets, and everything in between. Whilst I have been doing this for a long time there is still no bigger buzz than seeing your work in the real world! Very competitive, I 'enjoy' a quiz. 

Scott Campbell

Senior Designer

James E8a5c1 James Cde38c

By day I keep everyone on track & get things done. By night I'm a heady mix of Harry Potter, TV binging and regular trips to the sun.

James Dunlop

Project & Resource Manager

Olivia Fd7c7b Olivia 7Bcdae

I enjoy creating bespoke and imaginative designs for a vast array of purposes and I have a great interest in illustration, screen printing and feminist art. I also am a beer lover, rugby supporter and massive Gilmore girls fan!

Olivia Cummins

Junior Designer

Declan Cde38c Declan E8a5c1

Spend my days immersed in the world of marketing; writing, researching, and creating digital content. Can also be found intermittently scribbling down random words or ideas throughout the day. Both fund my love of live music, theatre, and good scran.

Declan Gorman

Digital Content & Social Manager

Robert Fbb45d Robert 78B6da

I’ve worked in marketing across agency and client roles for nearly 15 years, I love the satisfaction of putting a campaign together and seeing it make a measurable difference to a business. Outside of marketing I love going to gigs, watching Rangers and being the token vegan in the office!

Robert Ferguson

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Big Ambition Internal 650Px (1) Big Ambition Internal 375X600px

We’re ambitious, you’re ambitious: we get that we WANT that. Your own career ambitions are nurtured with good HR practices, continued learning and open dialogue.
As you progress, the agency does.

Big Personalities Internal 650Px (1) Big Personalities Internal 375X600px

We are a people business. What makes each of us unique is what makes Big Think special.
We want a diverse, ambitious, energetic and clever team, and you’re part of it.

Big Thanks Internal 650Px (1) Big Thanks Internal 375X600px

A job well done should always be rewarded, whether that be a thank you, a shout out or something bigger.
Recognition should be part of every day life.

Small Egos Internal 650Px (1) Big Small Egos Internal 375X600px

Leave your ego at the door, it’s just getting in the way.

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